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Please don’t be in love with someone else
Please don’t have somebody waiting on you

Yey for Chinitos and Chinitas!

Anonymous asked: heeey ate chels, san po kayo nanonood nung the heirs? xD

hi anon. :D LOL. i watch on :3 huhuhu my love for that drama i kennet

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Anonymous asked: Uncut po ba yung sa GGV ni Jon Jerome at Khalil yung tungkol kay janella?


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baba-pottie said: cheeelss what can u say about my bbys (chan young & bo na) :c *laging nagpapasurvey about this lolol*

hahahahaha i love them. bo na pissed me off dati but like you can’t really hate her bc she’s so cute. xD idk like their relationship is perf and chan young is perf too ok 

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